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Who we are
Vortex is an international company providing full range of logistics, regulatory and storage services for clinical studies. We work with major pharmaceutical companies throughout the world and offer our services in Israel, Russia and 6 more countries in Eastern Europe.
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Why Vortex CS
For more than 15 years we help scientists and medical practitioners to develop new pharmaceuticals and treatment guidelines. We are proud to do it with utmost quality, at the highest professional level and always on time.
Customs cleared shipments:
20 008
Delivered shipments:
121 523
Temperature controlled shipments:
29 281
Vortex National Depots
Founded: 2006
Storage area: 6000 sq.m.
Founded: 2009
Storage area: 500 sq.m.
Founded: 2009
Storage area: 1100 sq.m.
Founded: 2009
Storage area: 500 sq.m.
Founded: 2015
Storage area: 600 sq.m.
Founded: 2020
Storage area: 250 sq.m.
Founded: 2020
Storage area: 450 sq.m.
Founded: 2022
Storage area: 250 sq.m.
Our services
From the moment the goods leave the sponsor’s warehouse up to the moment the biological samples are shipped from Russia, Vortex provides full assistance to the clinical studies projects.
Regulatory and customs services
We obtain more then 800 import/export permissions yearly, increasing this number every year. Local Vortex customs brokers work in the central airports of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia.
We offer storage for drugs, clinical studies materials and biological samples at requested temperature from + 25°C up to -90°C. Liquid nitrogen storage is provided at any local depot.
Vortex delivers more than 35 thousand shipments a year, including 7000 temperature-controlled deliveries. The deliveries are carried in any temperature ranges: +15°…+25°С, +2°…+8°С и -20°С. Deliveries at ultra low temperatures up to -90 are conducted in ultra low temperature containers.
What do you get?
Online tracking system for cargo deliveries
Exact reporting and traceability due to paper-based documentation, exclusive tracking system and top-quality recording monitors enable our clients to control every phase of the transportation process.
Elaborated quality management system
We comply with applicable laws of Russian Federation, regulations of Good Distribution Practice, Standart OperatingProcedures. Vortex undergo more than 20 audits of commercial companies and state supervisory authorities on an annual basis.
Tailored approach
From obtaining permission at Health Ministry to biosamples export we readily offer any additional help and scale our services to meet your requirements.
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