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Vortex provides full array of services to facilitate and make more efficient clinical research programs in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the UK and some countries of the EU.

As an international agent, Vortex operates in:

You can rely on our highly qualified personnel, innovative technological solutions and extensive knowledge of local law and regulatory requirements. Our customer-centered, tailored solutions ensure cost-effective and professional assistance for both specific challenges and package programs. At present our team consists of more than 150 highly qualified professionals.

More than 10 years of expertise. More than 4500 sq.m. of storage space. More than 150 of employees.

Obtained more than 3000 of import licenses. Cleared and released more than 20000 shipments.

Executed 121523 shipments, of them 29281 under temperature controlled conditions.


We are proud to work with the leading world pharmaceutical companies and CRO. Over the past 10 years we successfully passed more than 60 audits.


We have all the necessary resources to provide effective assistance to any clinical study. The total storage area of our depot exceeds 4500 sq.m. All the facilities have areas for storage at different temperature conditions, are equipped with high-quality refrigerators, freezers, modern systems of safety, control and protection. The company also owns thermal containers and special vehicles for safe and proficient cold chain delivery in compliance with any thermal conditions from dispatcher to recipient.

With Vortex Tracking Program, the dedicated solution for online cargo tracking, our clients can monitor all the stages of cargo movement from dispatcher to recipient. The Program also reports on cargo transportation, customs clearance and delivery and provides any necessary data reporting.

Regulatory Services

We are proficient at state regulatory requirements and use our expertise to provide timely and effective solutions to most challenging tasks.

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Customs Services

All Vortex offices are registered as foreign trade operators and licensed as customs brokers.

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Storage Services

Our depots totaling more than 4500 sq.m. are equipped with high-quality refrigerators, freezers, modern computer and monitoring systems.

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Clinical Materials Distribution

With it’s own transportation service Vortex provides both regular and cold chain delivery.

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Vortex offer labeling and relabeling options for preparations and clinical study materials.

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Clinical Supplies Transit, Return, Urgent recall

All the procedures are maintained under precise and careful control of our highly qualified specialists with accurate accountability.

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Clinical Materials Destruction

Vortex guarantees maintenance of every formal regulation and provision of full documentation on destroyed materials.

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Complimentary Services

Taxi for researchers and patients, preparations purchasing, installation and maintenance of validated systems and equipment, medical preparations distribution.

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New Vortex depot in Minsk, Belarus

MINSK - Vortex is proud to announce the launch of the new depot in Minsk, Belarus. The new depot boasts the most up-to-date equipment at an ample area of 130 sq.m. and works under a pharmaceutical license. Our ongoing efforts for depots improvement and optimization help us to achieve top results and meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.


Vortex gets the highest score in ACTO survey

MOSCOW - Based on the survey by the Association of Clinical Trials Organizations Vortex gets the best reviews by the ACTO members.Vortex gained the highest score both among the depots for storage of clinical trials and among the logistics companies (score 4,8 out of 5).


Latest version of Vortex Tracking Program is launched

MOSCOW - In September Vortex completed the upgrade of its Tracking Program. The new version allows to track in online mode all the shipments delivered to or dispatched from Vortex depot. Also now it is possible to download temperature logs for every shipment, managed by Vortex Transportation Department.


Vortex is ten!

MOSCOW - On 22 of September 2016 Vortex celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since its foundation in 2016 both the storage area and number of employees expanded by 30 times. Vortex launched subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and the UK and introduced many new services. We would like to thank all our clients and partners for the continued support and confidence that they have placed on us.



Moscow region, Krasnogorskiy district, Golyovo village, Centralnaya 3, Russia, 143405
+ 7 (495) 785 6578
+ 7 (495) 783 7653


Selitskogo str., 21H,room#4, Minsk, Belarus, 220075
+ 375 (017) 344 1318
+ 375 (017) 344 5545


37, O. Dovbusha str., Kyiv, Ukraine 02092
+ 38 (044) 393 41 17
+ 38 (044) 393 41 18


Plato Nutsubidze, 4 mikrorayon, bild 10B, room 42, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0183
+ 7 (495) 785 6578


Shyntas side-street 2/1 Astana, 010000
+7 (7172) 38 19 02
+7 (495) 783 76 53

The United Kingdom

The Clock House, Station Approach, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1NT, Great Brittan
+ 7 (495) 785 6578
+ 7 (495) 783 7653

We will happily provide you with any further information. Please feel free to contact us!

  • Main office:
    Moscow region, Krasnogorskiy district, Golyovo village, Centralnaya 3, Russia, 143405

  • +7 (495) 785 65 78
  • +7 (495) 783 76 53