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From the moment the goods leave the sponsor’s warehouse up to the moment the biological samples leave the airport Vortex provides full assistance to the clinical studies projects.

Customs clearance

Vortex is registered for the international business activity and licensed as a customs brokerage company. Vortex customs offices are found in all central airports of the countries of its presence. Being fully aware of how important is to reduce delays and bureaucracy while organizing a clinical study, we pay utmost attention to timely training and certification of the customs staff. We arrange customs formalities for more than 5000 shipments a year.

Regulatory services

Vortex offers full array of the regulatory services in accordance with the local legislation systems. We obtain permissions for clinical studies and import/export permissions for:

  • any drugs and materials for clinical studies;
  • drugs and materials for quality control;
  • medicines of vital importance;
  • biological samples;
  • radioactive materials;
  • medical equipment;
  • medical materials and drugs not intended for clinical studies.


Vortex is proud of its fully equipped storage facilities. We focus on equipping our facilities with most up-to-date hardware in order to guarantee the highest quality of storage in any temperature conditions. It is possible to storage drugs and biosamples in any temperature mode from CRT to -70˚C.

Any Vortex local depot provides:
  • packing, labelling/relabelling;
  • transit, returns, urgent withdrawal;
  • destruction.
Transportation and Deliveries

Vortex Transportation service provides fast and high-quality delivery of the most demanding shipments at a reasonable cost. Transportation and deliveries are carried out with our own refrigeration nitrogen-equipped trucks. We offer elaborated transport scheme for cold chain delivery keeping temperature and other parameters up to standards through the route. The deliveries are carried in any temperature ranges: +15°…+25°С, +2°…+8°С и -20°С. Deliveries at ultra low temperatures up to -70 are conducted in ultra low temperature containers. Exact reporting and traceability due to paper-based documentation, exclusive tracking system and top-quality recording monitors enable our clients to control every phase of the transportation process.


On request Vortex purchases and delivers drugs and materials for Clinical Studies. We work with exclusive suppliers in the USA, Europe and Asia and can purchase and deliver any medical supplies:

  • medical equipment (CT scanners, mammo units, ultrasound and more);
  • chemical reagents, standards, microbiological formulations;
  • laboratory equipment (tables, utensils, tools);
  • precision equipment;
  • water treatment solutions;
  • liquid chromatography.

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