We focus on equipping our facilities with most up-to-date hardware in order to guarantee the highest quality of storage in any temperature conditions.
Vortex is proud of its fully equipped storage facilities. It is possible to storage drugs and biosamples in any temperature mode.

Any Vortex warehouse provides our top-quality services:

  • clinical supplies packaging, primary and secondary labelling;
  • transit, returns, urgent recalls;
  • destruction.

We attempt to minimize the influence of the human element in warehousing quality. Our well-rehearsed action plan serves to prevent and eliminate all kinds of emergencies. Twice a year we conduct special trainings for employees in order to increase their ability to cope with unpredictable situations. If any temperature or moisture preset values are violated the responsible employees are automatically warned at any time of the day or night.
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Key advantages of Vortex warehouses
  • licensed for storage of pharmaceutical products;
  • top-quality refrigerators and freezers;
  • monitoring and safety devices of the latest generation;
  • stand-alone power suplly for up to 24 hours;
  • validated equipment controls and records every temperature threshold;
  • benchmark testing of warehouse equipment twice a year;
  • world-class organization of warehousing with separate zones for labelling, packaging, dispatch etc.
Storage at:
  • +15°…+25°С
  • +2°…+8°С
  • -15°… -25°С
  • -70°С
  • Liquid nitrogen

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